October Board Meeting
Posted October 22nd, 2020

Welcome to the Kaufman County Fresh Water Supply District 1B New Website!

Jul 28, 2020

This website was designed to help residents find information related to their District, as well as stay updated on news and events. Here is a quick walk through of the custom features of the website. 


The Home page has general information about the District, how it works, when the meetings are scheduled, services the District provides, etc. 


The District News section is where you'll find the latest updates and announcements about the District. These could include posts about meetings, upcoming events, etc. This section can be found on the rightmost column on the Home page.


The Documents page is where you can find public documents such as upcoming meeting agendas, past meeting minutes, and more.  You may also want to explore the District’s Helpful Links page, Elections page, etc.  


Under the menu tab labeled "District" you'll find pages on the Board and Consultants,  and the District Map. The District Map page has an interactive map showing the District boundaries as well as the neighboring districts.


The Contact page is where residents can find information about meetings and also reach out to the District with any questions or concerns they may have.